Nuffin But The Best
Chocolate Chip Nuffin, low carb, keto

Like Nuffin on Earth

nuffin muffin keto low carb sugar free fiber


Assists in achieving and maintaining  a healthy weight by keeping you feeling full longer!

Fiber also helps control blood sugar.

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nuffin muffin keto low carb sugar free fiber


The carbohydrates found in Nuffins travel slowly through the digestive system and much of it isn't digested at all, promoting a low carb lifestyle.

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nuffin muffin keto low carb sugar free fiber


Monk fruit is a calorie-free natural sweetener with a glycemic index of zero, and no bitter aftertaste!

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nuffin keto muffin fiber low carb protein muffin


Nuffins are made with Hemp protein.

Complete proteins provide all nine essential amino acids, which your body doesn't produce on its own! 

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Best low carb gluten free muffin! I love these muffins, the outer layer has a nice crispness to it and inside its soft. The chocolate melts perfectly! It also has the perfect hint of cinnamon. This mix couldn't be easier and more simple to make.

Aliza S.

love it! So easy to make and so delicious

Michelle G.

I bought it for my dad he's diabetic and can't have sugar, and he really liked it!